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Combat Climate

Change with trees

Offset your carbon footprint by planting trees every month - no shovel required. Starting at only $12 per month.

Offset your carbon footprint by planting trees every month - no shovel required.

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Why Earthify?

Hey, I'm Will! I started Earthify my senior year of High School after seeing many regular people (including myself) that were concerned about climate change but didn’t know what they could do to make a difference.

Earthify’s mission is to make it easy, affordable, and rewarding for the average person to offset their carbon footprint with the world’s best climate change solution, trees.

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-Will S.


How it works:


Find your carbon footprint and pick a plan.


Earthify plants your trees every month.

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Your trees offset your carbon footprint!

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What's your carbon footprint? Take our 1-minute quiz to find out! Then, select one of our three prebuilt plans: Eco, Average, or Gassy.



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Your trees are planted every month by our trusted partner Trees for the Future. Read the latest about our projects on our blog page!



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View your progress to zero emissions by logging into your personal user profile page. View a demo page by clicking the button below!  


Stay updated

Stay updated on where your money is going and what projects you are funding.


Check out our blog to read the projects we're working on, other tips and tricks to lower your carbon footprint, and the latest Earthify news.

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Financial reports

Read our quarterly financial reports so you know exactly where your money is going from trees to administrative costs.


Help spread the word about Earthify by entering into our social media giveaway. Share Earthify online and get free entries! View more details on the giveaway page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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