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Our mission

Our mission is to make it easy, affordable, and rewarding for the average person to combat climate change and offset their carbon footprint with the world’s best climate change solution, trees.

Our goal is to plant 15 million trees per year or have 10,000 Earthify subscribers. We know that we can reach this goal. With your help, we can turn Earthify into a global movement to plant trees and combat climate change! 

The problem

Climate change is the largest problem humanity has ever faced, and we need to fix it now. Most people are very concerned about climate change but don’t know what to do.

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Our solution

With Earthify, you can do your part and cover your entire carbon footprint with the world’s best climate change solution, trees. By offsetting your carbon emissions, you are negating your effect against climate change.

Our story

Hello! My name is Will Sloth, and I started Earthify. I am a high school senior in upstate New York, an avid entrepreneur and environmentalist. I started working on Earthify about a year ago in the midst of the global climate protests after seeing many regular people (including myself) that were worried about climate change but didn’t know what they could do to make a difference. I learned that offsetting your carbon footprint to negate your effect on climate change was one of the most effective ways for individuals to make a difference.


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Carbon offsetting is the process of funding projects (like planting trees) that remove carbon from the atmosphere that offset your own carbon emissions (like driving a fossil fuel vehicle). However, I found that most carbon offsetting websites were complicated and expensive, driving away the average person.


I decided to create Earthify, a carbon offsetting service built for the average person, with simplicity and affordability in mind. I began researching to find the best company to partner with for carbon sequestration. I read the book “One Shot” by Trees for the Future’s current executive director, John Leary. The book detailed how trees are not only a major carbon sink to combat climate change, but also an amazing tool to combat poverty in third world countries. I’m excited to share that Trees for the Future is our exclusive tree planting partner. Trees for the Future employs a unique tree planting method known as a “forest garden” where trees are planted around a central garden, acting as a natural barrier. Trees for the Future sets up these forest gardens and accompanying training programs for struggling farmers in third world countries, providing them with a sustainable source of food and income.


A forest garden planted by Trees for the Future

To make Earthify’s service simple and affordable, I created three carbon offset plans: Eco, Average, and Gassy, priced at $12, $15, and $18 per month, respectively. I then built out the Earthify website, with a cohesive and intuitive design that the average person can easily understand. Additionally I added in a custom profile page to track your progress, a social media giveaway to promote users to share Earthify online, a blog to provide updates on tree planting projects, reports to provide full financial transparency of Earthify, and pages to provide general information.


I am very passionate about our environment and I try to make choices each day to be more environmentally conscious. My goal with Earthify and carbon offsetting is not to promote just writing off your emissions and ignoring other climate change solutions. I believe you should do everything you can to combat climate change. If you can go vegan, you should! If you can buy an electric car, you should! If you can join in on climate change protests, go for it! Nonetheless, right now, carbon offsetting is the easiest and most affordable option for the average person. Trees and carbon offsets alone cannot solve climate change, additional action needs to be taken. I seek to promote other actions individuals can take through Earthify’s blog, where we post weekly on our projects with Trees for the Future, climate change news, and additional personal actions you can take to combat climate change.


My goal is to advertise Earthify through social media, online advertising, and news articles to reach one hundred thousand subscribers. With ten thousand subscribers we could plant 15 million trees per year to make a real difference against climate change!

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